Saturday, 28 November 2015

Getting Ready

Today marked what will be the last day in the year of the church calendar, so tomorrow is New Years Day in the church, otherwise known as Advent One -- The Sunday of Hope.  For a number of years now Advent has been launched with numerous volunteers as we plan and execute a family day.  Basically a fun morning with singing, crafts, games and cookie decorating.

This year we did precisely the same.  But one thing never ceases to amaze and that is the joy and enthusiasm of the children that come to the event and join in singing songs like the Lovely little ladybug, Up Down Song, The magic Words, Hugs and on and on we could go.  The more actions the better!  The enthusiasm is infectious and adults volunteering for the event can not help but join in the fun of song, crafting and cookie decorating.

It marks a significant gift in ministry to be able to share in these times and while there were many thanks today for having organized the day I must confess that I received far more joy and happiness from participating than ever seems to go in the planning.  Memories are created that bring smiles years later as well as in the immediacy and I still chuckle when I think about some of the "works of art" that I have praised through the years and have seen proudly worn for display.

The first Sunday of Advent with the theme of Hope shines through in such an event as we shared together today in the Congregations of St. Paul, the Middle Church and St. Andrew's on the Red.  There was laughter, teasing, joy and most of all hope that there is still good in the world, enjoyment to be shared together.  Young or Old or Somewhere in between Hope for a new beginning and enthusiasm to receive the Christ Child into our midst once again was evidenced today.   We created more memories in a hopeful and joy filled celebration today.And as we prepare ourselves, our homes and communities for  Christmas we are called to be mindful that the preparations are about receiving the Christ Child into our midst again. Have a hope filled Advent as you prepare!

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