Sunday, 19 August 2018

Can I Have this Dance?

Several weeks ago, my DH, niece and I made plans for a small road trip.  The weather forecast was uncertain.  It called for thundershowers and quite likely  thunder and lightening to go along with it. Given that we planned to spend much of the time outside once we reached our destination we figured alternate plans might be a better decision.  It was a Saturday morning, that means farmers markets and treasures galore.  We meandered around, admired many things, bought a few items and generally enjoyed the time.  Fresh vegetables from the farmers are always a welcome buy and there were lots of choices.  

As I was making my way back from dropping off items to the car I noticed a child playing in the puddles from an earlier shower.  This child was taking great delight in splashing in the muddy water and entertaining those close by who were observing and enjoying the joy and happiness of the child.  It was a joyous display of life, enthusiasm and that willingness to just dance and it didn't matter much who was watching.

Did that child have a plan for today, likely not!  What it did show was unadulterated joy.  A zest for life that we could all use.  It was the most important place that child could be in that moment.  It most certainly was not a recipe for great success but it was a reminder to  find the joy in life and more than that to not avoid the puddles in our path, instead take a moment to play and enjoy life.

Perhaps we needed the rain in our lives after all.  Not just to refresh nature around us but to refresh ourselves as well so that our outlook could have a new perspective, our creativity new possibilities.  That we find an opportunity to become unstuck and to dance in the puddles.

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