Saturday, 27 October 2018

The Beauty of Friends

Friendship is a sweet responsibility not an opportunity
Khilal Gibran

I was immediately struck by this quote when I recently heard it in a speech at a birthday celebration.  How often do we think of the responsibility that comes with friendship?  For most of our friend relationships we probably don’t even think about the responsibility because we are just happy to have the time to share together.  We create memories, enjoy experiences, laugh and cry with each other.  It doesn’t feel like a responsibility because of the mutual love.  On the other hand though, if we do not put time into the friendship, if we start to take it for granted or never find time for each other then we are renegading on the responsibility that comes with being friends.

None of us like to feel taken for granted.  None of us care to be considered for the advantage we might be able to offer.  If we feel this way then we generally withdraw or change our perception of  what we think of the friendship.  We do not appreciate merely being the opportunity.

So this beautiful quote makes us stop and think about relationships.  It makes us consider what exactly friendship means to us.  It also reminds us that entering into that friendship means we take care of each other.  Friendship is one of the most important gifts that we have bestowed upon us.  It is a rare treasure that should never be taken for granted.  It should be cherished.  The beauty of a deep and abiding friendship is that you can go periods of time without seeing one another but know that person is there for you and pick up right where you left off.  Friends stand by you, defend you and simply love you even in your worst moments.  They send words of encouragement and are your biggest cheerleaders.  They are rare.

Too often we take our friends for granted.  Friends never seem to mind though and generally wait patiently for us to rectify that particular flaw in ourselves.  And still we pick up right where we left off, just as if that oversight had never occurred and because they are a friend, they forgive the incident.  Because a true friend is rare it is important for us to remember to take care of them and the relationship.  It is also important to guard against taking them for granted too many times so that we cause endless hurt.  With this kind of relationship there comes certain responsibilities to protect and value the relationship.

I suspect that as you read the words a particular person (or persons) came immediately to your minds eye.  You may have even had a smile as you thought about that person and all that they add to your life.  I know that you realize just how much is added to your life because of friends so be sure to let them know just how valued and valuable they are to you.  Friends are sweet responsibilities that we should always cherish.

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