Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Toys And Resolutions

It is New Year's Eve and instead of the usual hustle and bustle in our household as we prepared for guests, some of them overnighting with us, and the New Year's Eve party that we traditionally held, we are having a quiet day.  I am playing with a new toy and trying to figure out how it far so good.  I have added my kobo app and my email app and now I am figuring out how to access my blog!  Finding it was easy and quite by accident I found the post challenge is to be able to access this page again!  So this new toy?....well it's an iPad mini...don't ask the model I've no clue.  It was my gift this year for Christmas.

So I have a new toy that can slip in my handbag for a multitude of tasks.  New toys are always fun to play with and Christmas certainly brings a variety of toys to all ages.  I like a certain practical aspect to my toys and this one will definitely be a winner.  Compact and multi purpose what more could I need...well a tutorial won't go astray!

As I quietly sit here playing, and hopefully learning, it is also a time to reflect of the past year and the hopes for the new year which is upon us.  We have let go of an old and cherished tradition of a house party and will be having dinner with friends.  We will watch fire works from the backyard and have a much quieter ringing in of the new year.    It is hard to let go of a cherished tradition but we will still be making memories and celebrating together.

New toys and resolutions sometimes mean that we move on and forget about what came before or what brought so much enjoyment.  However I think it is more important to regard it as an adding on to skills learned and memories made.  So while I have a new toy to make my life simpler the old ones are still valued and while we start 2016 in a new manner there are many treasured memories that we also carry with us.  New toys and resolutions remind us that we continue to grow and learn and look forward to what is on the horizon of a new year.  As you head into 2016 I hope you find yourself challenged with new toys, thoughts and growth while you continue to cherish the memories that you have made.

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