Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Questions to ponder

In my last three sermons; Christmas Eve, the Sunday after Christmas, and Epiphany, I have asked those gathered to consider a question.  On Christmas Eve we considered the question are you ready?  In light of all of the preparations that we undertake, gift buying, decorating, cleaning, baking,and on and on the list goes with what we hope to accomplish, it is easy for us to forget what we are really getting ready for.  So on Christmas Eve, perhaps a little late, an important question to consider was asked Are we ready?  Not for the merry go round of tasks but have we taken time to get ourselves ready to receive God's gift of love in the world and in our lives.  Were we able to make some use of the advent time to prepare ourselves as well as the multitude of other tasks that needed to be accomplished?

Then a few days later, for the Sunday after Christmas, we read about a twelve year old boy that was accidentally left behind in Jerusalem and parents who hastily returned and frantically searched for three days.  So when we are looking or seeking or desperately searching in our relationship with Jesus what are we looking for?  Tie that to the question " Are you ready?", and we are forced to consider the preparation of ourself so that we can comprehend what it is or who it is that we are looking for.

This past Sunday we celebrated the arrival of the Magi, a few days early according to the calendar, but a significant arrival for the Holy Family.  They came to honour and worship him as well as to bring gifts.  What gift will we bring? rounded out my questions for consideration.  Each person gathered was encouraged to give thought to what their gift is and how it could be offered and utilized by God for the building of the kingdom that we, as disciples, continue to actively participate in building.  The gift that we bring, no matter how insignificant we may think the offering is, has an important role in the continual building and growing.

So for those who gathered it was not merely a message of hope, glad tidings and gifts but a careful examination of self, what we seek and the gifts that we each have to offer for the building up of ministry.

"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean.  
But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop."  
Mother Teresa

As you consider the questions for yourself
     Are you ready?
     What are you looking for?
     What gift will you bring?
remember as well that you are an important and significant part of the ongoing ministry that we are called to build together and your offering is significant and an important contribution .... for the ministry like the ocean will be less with even one drop missing! 

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