Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Eternal City

Of all the books in the world, the best stories are found between the pages of a passport.  I want to make memories all over the train, by boat, by plane.  Actually it doesn't matter as long as I can travel.  
  -- Kumar Sanu

The Eternal City, the Vatican,  is surrounded by columns, statues, ornamentation, barricades, vendors.  It is quite something to be able to walk in the square and wander around.  It is impressive and imposing.  Spiritually it was not working for me in that square.  It was too commercial and too busy to find any peace or tranquility.  It was, however, a fabulous place to people watch as vendors tried to sell their wares and others tried to sell tours by telling us we could skip the line ups (these are practically non existent as it is off season!) and selfie stick anyone?!?!?

We meandered through the streets enjoying the feel of the city, watching people rush by and getting a little off track but generally going in the right direction.  A brief pause for gelato, a walk across the bridge of angels and a ride on the public transit were all put into the events of the day.

As we walked the streets the Dome of the Vatican Cathedral could be seen in the distance

Some of the Arches that we saw on the way (plus the crazy traffic!)

Part of the wall that surrounds the Vatican 

Directions to Vatican City

The tops of the buildings are lined with statues

The ornateness of the work is breathtaking

The front of the Cathedral

Fountain in Vatican Square

The Christmas tree is still up and beautifully decorated

Note the detailing of the statues

Part of the Nativity -- we thought is was the Good Samaritan

The manger Scene


another section of the nativity

More statue images from the tops of the buildings

Here is a lovely view of the Square and Cahtedral

Vatican Square Scenery

Street leading out of the square

Catherine of Seinna Statue

Bridge of the Angels with the Castle in the background

river and city scene


  1. Enjoyed the picture tour! Haven't been there. Have a wonderful time!

  2. Enjoyed the picture tour! Haven't been there. Have a wonderful time!

  3. What? No private audience with the Pope?
    Love your pics Karen! That Nativity Scene sure is something else ........ Next pic set needs to have Edmund eating Gelato ......... or pizza! :) Sarah

    1. We won't be here on the day that he holds an audience unfortunately. And we did have Gelato I just did not include that pic on the blog!