Saturday, 23 January 2016


Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.           
                -- Hebrews 13:2

While in Rome we are residing in the hostel of the Benedictine Sisters. They take hospitality very seriously and we are very well cared for here. The community has welcomed us to the services, meals are wonderful and the peace and tranquility both inside the building and out wandering the grounds is lovely. The location of the hostel means a short train ride to the downtown and at the end of the day coming back from the rush to sit and enjoy the evening, update the blog of course and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The Priest who comes each morning has been providing great thoughts on the gospel passages. Evil, he said, has to be wiped clean from within before we can go out and rid the world of it. Today he talked about how sometimes we think that what Jesus wants us to do is crazy, but faith is to place our trust in Jesus and be willing to say YES even when what we are called to do may seem crazy.

Hospitality, and its importance, have long been stressed in the bible from earliest times. It is a concept that we were well used to in Newfoundland and one that was lived out there by many on a daily basis. A number of years ago, Edmund was at meetings in Toronto and a gentleman proceeded to tell him about the great hospitality that he had enjoyed while visiting the province of Newfoundland. This man ended up at a house to find out directions that would take him to a restaurant for a meal and instead of being given directions the man who answered the door invited this gentleman and his fellow travelers in and provided them with a substantial lunch. Once the story was finished and the many details of the story furnished Edmund quite happily told this gentleman that the man he had encountered was indeed his father-in-law. Hospitality was very important to my Dad and it was instilled in each of us that we were always to be kind and generous to the people we encountered, particularly those we invited into our home. To be on the receiving end of such generous hospitality is an honour. The sisters live the concept out in their daily life and interaction making sure that the utmost care, attention to detail and access to information is provided. As they know the area far better than we do, the Sisters also have great suggestions on what to see that is less commercial and more peaceful. So we have insider information on where to find the quiet places to pray. Most unfortunate is the fact that we will not be in Rome on a day that there is an audience with Pope Francis, disappointing indeed!

A few pictures of the grounds here where you can quietly walk, sit, pray and enjoy the beauty of the countryside

the fields

a quiet place to sit, read, write or converse

another place to enjoy the beauty of the land and creation

Fascinating -- this plant will only survive indoors in Canada!

The Happy little pansy in full bloom

A neat pot for plants -- the hallowed out log

Outside view of the chapel

the plums are underway

more flowers in bloom already -- spring is in the air

the hostel

The icon at the entrance of the hostel

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  1. How did you find this place? Your experience is to be envied. Have a wonderful peace-filled vacation.