Sunday, 31 January 2016

Life is short

I know that it is an old adage that people often use,  Life is short!  However, when you give pause to it you realize how absolutely true it is and how fast time seems to go along.  We think that there is lots of time for us to do things so we put it off for another day, after all there is work that needs doing, chores that need to be finished and a multitude of other reasons to postpone that hope or dream.  Then there are those who would offer discouraging remarks about what you are thinking about doing.  What if it doesn't work out, what about your safety, what about ?????? and the list can definitely go on and on.  If we get caught up in all of the possible things that might or could go wrong we would likely not go far, live a paranoid life and then if we are lucky make it to a  decent age and look back and realize that the time for all of the hopes, dreams and things that we had wanted to do seems to have passed us by.  That seems to be a sad reflection for one to have to consider years down the road.

Life is short, so what would you do differently?  Rather than fritter away the time that you can never get back think about the moment and how it can be made special and beautiful because it is time that you can never get back.  Life is far too short to not live life to the fullest, visit the places that you always wanted to see and do the things that you would enjoy.  Does that mean no more tedious tasks?  Of course not, after all we still have responsibilities that have to seen to.  However, if you intersperse the responsibilities with the hopes and dreams that you have then we find that life takes on a whole new meaning.  It is no longer the mandatory tasks that become hum drum and consume our time because our focus changes and we think about all that we have been able to do and accomplish.

Life is lost minute by minute and it is far too short to look back and regret all of the things that didn't get done or seen.  In a conversation with my Aunt, who was incredibly excited to receive a call from Italy, she said I wish I was younger so I could travel some more.  This, I think, is a fabulous attitude to have in life not regretting what she did but still wanting to do more.  Life is definitely short, moment by moment and hour by hour we can live a life filled with promise, hope and filled with all of the things we want to do, see and accomplish.  Then in our latter days we can look back not with regret for what we have not done but with a sense of satisfaction that we were able to fit in so many things.

As you grow older, you'll find the only things that you regret
are the things that you didn't do.
-- Zachery Scott

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