Tuesday, 9 February 2016

AND . . .

Have you ever considered the word “and”.  A simple three letter word that holds a lot of power, connects sentences and ideas.  It is a word that we likely give little regard, yet it offers so much to a sentence, a string of ideas.  It is the connector.  Once could think that this little word is insignificant after all a comma can be used instead.  Yet somehow “and” seems to add more power and emphasis to the words or phrases that it is connecting.  Take a moment to think about it, join two words or ideas with the word “and”, now ask yourself which word is most significant!

When we stop and think about it we realize just how significant that little three letter word is and just how much emphasis it adds.  Now if you are a scrabble player a three letter word is not your ideal, you want to use all of your letters, make a fabulous seven or eight letter word and hopefully get a bingo for using all of the tiles.  We also would not want our whole vocabulary to be only three letter words; it would be slightly more difficult to show off our true genius.  However, these little words help us make our writing, talking, speaking so much more beautiful for the significant role that they have to play.

I must admit that it is a word that I have never given much thought to.  It seems to just be there whenever it is necessary to use it in a sentence.  However, today’s meditation focused on the word “and”, not action or compassion or any number of other relevant topics but this word that so frequently pulls sentences and thoughts together.  The result, the realization that this word is a powerful word indicating that there is more.   

So when next you see two words or ideas strung together by the word “AND” consider which word is the most powerful, which word  holds a lot of emphasis, which word in its glorious simplicity can leave us hanging … AND . . . . . . . . . . 

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