Friday, 5 February 2016

These are a Few of my favorite things

This line from one of my favourite songs and musicals keeps playing in my head as I think about the marvelous opportunity that we just enjoyed exploring Italy.  Several friends have commented that it is the trip of a lifetime.  No doubt it is that, and Edmund and I have been very fortunate to have had several of these trips.  These comments from friends, I think, triggered the words of the song and made me pause and think about all that has been seen and enjoyed. So what were some of the highlights:

  • the history
  • the coffee
  • the pizza
  • Venice
  • Assisi
  • Sistine Chapel
  • the gelato
  • the beautiful art
  • the trains
  • Ostia Antica
  • Trevi Fountain
I am not sure that it could be limited to one or even a few things.  I also enjoyed the discipline of daily writing so that friends and family could be a part of our journey.  The comments and feedback were encouraging.  Just today someone said how much the blog was appreciated with the descriptions -- they felt like they were right there as well.  

Over the past four years there have been an abundance of wonderful experiences so I am not sure that the time in Italy can be looked at in a bubble but rather has to be considered from a much broader lens.  I think about four years ago, when I visited Manitoba for my first time, and being absolutely fascinated with its flatness and seeing the grain elevators. Then there were the Prairie sunsets which seem to go on and on.   The conscious effort it took, and still takes, to remember that you must stop at the train tracks and look for oncoming trains!  

The first trip to France three years ago we followed the story of Mary Magdalene and were able to visit many wonderful sights.  Several highlights that come to mind, the Basilica of Mary Magdalene, sticking my feet in the Mediterranean sea, Paris, Avignon and the driving! This past year we had opportunity to visit in the same area again but visited a number of different places.  Blauvac still figures as the most peaceful place that I have had a chance to go, there was something particularly restful about this place both in the chapel and on the grounds,

As I wrote in an earlier post I am slowly working through a bucket list and with each visit and encounter something gets checked off but there are generally so many other wonderful places that get visited along the way.  Favourite things result in beautiful memories to share and to treasure so pull out a few of your treasures, hum the tune and off you go to recall a few of your favourite things!

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