Monday, 14 August 2017

Stick to the boat

The Lord didn't promise everyday would be good...
but there is something good in everyday.

In a discussion via messenger with my cousin recently she ended our chat with a saying that our uncle frequently quoted.  I responded back to her that that just might be the beginnings of a blog soon.  So in essence my cousin is the inspiration.  Given the struggles that my cousin and  her extended family is currently facing daily it is a good mantra to remind everyone to look for the good in each day.

Yesterday the gospel of Matthew had another beautiful passage to reflect on.  Each year as the cycle of readings come around I try to find something fresh to say about the story or to find a new perspective from which to look at the story.  Matthew tells many stories, harsh, witty, poignant. Yesterday's was the story of Peter's attempt to walk on water.  In the past I have reflected on the walking on the water, the words of Jesus "do not be afraid," but yesterday I reflected that Jesus did not ask Peter to get out of the boat and attempt to go it alone.  When he made the attempt to go it alone with out the support of his fellow disciples he began to sink.  We are called to step out in faith but not to step out of the boat!

Whether like Peter the group around us is it a motley band of searchers, a community of faith, family and friends this passage reminds us that it is this supportive group that helps keep us afloat so that we are able to weather the storms of life.  More importantly the passage also reminds us that despite the perils that we endure Jesus comes to us in the storms and helps bring about calm if we are willing to receive the hand that he extends to help.

So there will definitely be storms in life, we will sometimes find ourselves challenged, shaken to the very core of our being and yet we are reminded that we do not journey alone we have a community that helps keep us from sinking and we have Jesus who will help bring calm in the chaos.  And while we may not always have good days we will always have moments and memories from each day that are good.

It is a huge danger to pretend that awful things do not happen. But you need enough hope to keep going. I am trying to make hope.
Flowers grow out of darkness.
Corita Kent

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