Thursday, 16 November 2017

It’s the little things

One thing that I have noticed is that it’s the little, seemingly insignificant things, that greatly amuse me.  As we begin a new journey it seems the little things know no bounds and I have started a whole new Gaelic but new meanings for old words!  After all a hump can be a speed bump, rubbish is the garbage, and I am challenged to figure o

ut the road system for a pedestrian because we apparently don’t have the right of way.  But my greatest chuckle was in the bathroom with my hands all soaped up and there was no water! Well it took a moment to figure out that it was motion sensored and there was a specific motion.  It was my chuckle of the day.

Here is my facet...see the circle in the middle...
well that is where your hand goes in front...
palm facing please

So with that experience behind me I set off on foot to explore Old Aberdeen.  I got slightly lost discovered some things not on my list, acquired a street map to help me find my way and a book on the history of Old Aberdeen as well as some great information from the local people. With the instructions and directions in my head I went off again and found, quite easily this time, the old chanonry and the Cathedral. On this lovely fall day it was a refreshing walk and the sites were beautiful.  The volunteers at the Cathedral were wonderful and full of great information that they we happy to share.

The evening finished with another lovely walk, with a couple of detours and the need to ask for directions.  We have discovered that the Scottish people gave us directions like rural Newfoundlanders,  you go down there, then go over that way, turn over there, then go a little further and you will be there!  No Problem!  After about the fourth person we found where it was we at least think we were going...the meal was delicious and the chef more than willing to share the secret of his cheesecake.  So after a long absence from writing my blog (as I have been gently reminded by a number of my readers) here is a glimpse of my first day here in Aberdeen where it is cool and damp but not minus anything!

The Gate as you enter Starbucks

The Old Townhouse

The Chanonry 

Cathedral church of St. Machar

The path going into the Cathedral

The high altar

Full view from the centre aisle

View to include the ceiling which the church is known for

View of the banner from the balcony

An old stone buildings on the 
University of Aberdeen campus 

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