Friday, 24 November 2017

Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs

Signs, essential to life.  They give directions. Offer instructions.  Keep things flowing well.  Entertain the reader. Are intended to get a persons attention.  Encourage. Uplift. Signs do many things and have many intents.

London has provided me with much entertainment when it comes to signs.  

Those painted on the street telling you which direction you needed to look for oncoming traffic were most helpful....well until you get the hang of it and go jay walking! Oops...DH got left on the other side and mumbled about it being a good thing I’d only been here five days!  

The maps on the tube were helpful in pointing us to where we wanted or needed to go.  

They were mostly clear in their instructions.  The British are a kindly lot and a number of them took pity of us when we looked thoroughly confused and offered helpful information.

Then there were the signs that I found highly entertaining.  The description of coffee, another about conversation.  Since I am easily amused I enjoyed reading the signs and occasionally trying to make sense out of them.  

Ultimately though signs are important for various reasons.  Safety, function, direction, entertainment. Hope.  Faith. Whatever the case here are a few I encountered while out and about jolly old London.

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