Friday, 24 November 2017

The wheels on the bus

Today we have been sight seeing in London, doing touristy things.  Riding the double decker bus, a Thames boat ride, Madame Tussauds wax museum just to name a few of the things today.  My DH commented that I had yet to go in the churches, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul’s Cathedral.  There is so much to do and I am quickly running out of time!

Since we are sightseeing in the city we stayed above ground!  It was bus transport to various locations.  We started out at the wax museum ... we would highly recommend this.  It was interactive and fun for all ages.  The replicas were so life like.  The eyes were particularly intriguing and realistic.  It looked like they would move any moment.  So present day well known stars to prominent historic figures and movie characters made for an entertaining morning.

Once we finished at the museum we hopped on the hop on hop off bus and took part of the ride around the city.  It too was so much fun.  The mounted guards were in place at Parliament, we were at Trafalgar Square (where Canada house is located), Soho, London Bridge and the Tower of London.  We drove by Hyde Park, Green Park, Regent and Oxford streets (great shopping areas).  And yes we walked...lots!

The city is decorated for Christmas so what a time to be here.  Every street seems to have elaborate decorations hanging above the street or at least in the windows.  Tonight on Oxford Street the vendor was roasting chestnuts and you felt like you should start to sing!  At the moment everything is incredibly festive looking.  Add to that the mobs of people shopping and we decided we needed to get out of the streets for a bit.  So I am taking the opportunity to start my blog before we go out for drinks and dinner this evening.

Here is my day in pictures, enjoy to the fullest and sadly the pictures never quite display the beauty of what we are so privileged to experience and nor can it convey the smells or the sounds.  So sit back with a lovely hot cup of something, hum a few festive songs in your head ... chest nuts roasting on an open fire.... Jack Frost nipping at your nose.... and enjoy today’s pictures of the city.

Henry VIII

                             Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The Beatles 

Wordsworth and Dickens

Winston Churchill 

Nelson Mandela 

Sherlock Holmes

Workers rebuilding after the great fire


Darth Vader 

R2D2 and C3P0

Random of London streets

Thames view

St. Paul's and one of the many bridges 

Shakespeare House the only thatched roof building allowed in London since the Great Fire

The Tower of London

London Bridge

Few more randoms

Streets decorated for Christmas 

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