Friday, 2 October 2015


As I finished reading the book the 13th Disciple it said you are light, you are the light.   The premise of the whole book was that the 13th disciple set up a mystery school of people who were at very different stages of faith, brought them together and changed their lives forever.  One discovered that he was a healer, another the speaker of truth and so on.  Each of the members of the mystery school had a gift unique to them and it was up to them to accept and use it.  The over all message for the ordinary person was that the light lives in you and that you have a choice to accept or reject it.

Imagine for a moment that when we look at each other we can see the light of the spirit glowing.  It would positively change how we look at each other and most likely how we treat each other.  It would also change us as we look at others, our self and the whole world differently.  One character in the book wanted to go around telling everyone that they were blessed and while it was a very humorous moment in the book the response of the people was predictable and they all thought she was crazy!

How many of us look for the good in others?  We note all of the things that go wrong, we remark on all of the things that people do wrong.  We are happy to point it out on a regular basis but we seldom emphasize the good that people do.  It reminded me of a poster that a friend had many years ago "When I do good no one remembers.....but when I do bad no one forgets!"  It is a sad reminder that we often get caught up on the negative aspects and give the bad things emphasis when all of the good may well outweigh them. Certainly the media does not help matters when night after night we hear reporting about all that has gone bad in the world and then every so often a good news story gets shared and we are all reminded that there is still good at work in the world.

Yet this book The 13th Disciple reminds all who read it that there is good in everyone... but we have to be willing to look for it.  The light still shines...but we have to be willing to see it.  God still needs messengers and light in the world...but we have to be willing to be open to receive the message.  Give and take, good and bad, messages and silence.  The light of the good news lives it is in each of us,  will you look for the light?  And will you let your light shine?

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