Friday, 16 October 2015

Who Cares!

"It doesn't matter who gets the long as the work gets done"  is a line that has become quite popular this last week or so when credit for this philosophy was given to R. A Dickey of the Bluejays.  I first heard this comment over ten years ago when Father Christian Swayne of the Order of the Holy Cross was leading an ecumenical mission in Stephenville, NL and at the end of the week of talks that he had given he concluded with this very statement.  In Father Swayne's context he was talking to a group of community leaders, specifically of the religious variety, and the community at large as he left us with these parting words to ponder.  R. A. Dickey,  in his context, was talking to fellow teammates and media.  The media latched on to the sentiment as well as some team members and it has been quoted numerous times since by either a team mate or the media, usually with the prelude... "as R. A.  Dickey says...."

Really it does not matter who gets credit for the quote but the philosophy that lies behind it is an incredibly selfless one.  Humans in all walks of life expect to get credit for what they do and when the credit is withheld or offered to someone else ill feelings and resentment are frequently the result.  These words are unusual words in a world where recognition is sought after and needed.  These words are foreign in a world where competition is highly valued and you want, or need,  everyone to know how great you are and how good you are at particular things.  You want to point out to everyone who does not sit up ant take immediate notice that these are my talents and strengths and due credit and accolades should be appropriately afforded. It is all perfectly natural for a  person to want validation and  feel a sense of worth for what they are doing   

This philosophy of R.A. Dickey and Father Swayne though calls us to pause and ask if it is important  to have all of the credit as a long as the end result is good for the team, for the ministry, for the community, for the people that are in need.  The emphasis is on the end result and not on the path to that result.  It is also an important philosophy when we consider the context of the world that we live in and calls each of us to honest self examination.  Can we adhere to the same philosophy?   We are  reminded that we cannot hold the limelight all the time, there will be others who share the praise, there will be some who obtain all the recognition but what really matters most is … that the work is being done not who gets the credit!  So thanks R.A. Dickey for such a timely reminder!  An now the credit for the quote has to go to....

“There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn't matter who gets the credit.”


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