Thursday, 22 October 2015

Something Good

I am sure that we have all had bad days!  Those days where loneliness seems overwhelming, or we feel alone and lost in the midst of all that is taking place.  Sometimes we feel sadness for no explicable reason, it just is.  Those days are tough and can cause us to journey down some dark paths from which there seems to be no return.  Those days are also inevitable as I am pretty sure that we can not be happy all the time.  It would be nice but unlikely that we will not be touched by grief and pain.

I confess that I am an optimistic person and I do find something good in most days but not in everyday so seeing this post that "Everyday may not be good . . . but there is something good in everyday." is a brilliant reminder to not to get bogged down by the big things but look for the value in one little thing that happened during the day and sure enough there is a glimmer of light shining hope back into the day and into life.  I remember a particularly difficult experience that I had and after it was all over I was asked if the whole experience was negative and I immediately responded yes it was completely awful!  The person responded well tell me three positive experiences ... and with great difficulty I found three.  They were not easy to find I assure you but when forced to consider it from a different perspective the positives were there.

Simple statements that are positive reinforcements send our thoughts and minds in completely different directions.  Gurus in the field ask us to put a positive reinforcing statement where we will see it frequently and read it to give ourselves a reminder of the good.  Mine sits on my mirror where I see it  as I get ready for the day and it simply says "Remember to breathe" it is my reminder that no matter how overwhelmed I feel I need to step back, take a good deep breathe to calm myself and then carry on!  A positive reinforcement can be an important reminder to look for the good in ourselves and in each day as it arises.  It also reminds us that one day at a time is far less mind boggling than if we are looking at a week, month or year at a time.  That said I have just finished looking at my schedule up to the end of December ... and yes I definitely need to remember to breathe!  And I do hope that you have your very own positive reinforcement to help you navigate life and its may joys and sorrows always remembering that everyday may not be good....but look (long and hard if you need to) and you will find something good in every day!

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