Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Straight Road....with a Detour

Today's journey was a long overdue treat as our Deanery Meeting took us to the scenic town of Gimli.  It is know for it's Icelandic influence and for the Gimli Glider, an aircanada craft involved in an unusual incident.  There were a number of new faces at the table today as a few of the retired clergy living in the area came out for the meeting, reminisced and shared in the fellowship that surrounds the table.   Following the meeting we went to the Seagull Restaurant for Lunch and then a small amount of exploring.

The Road to Gimli was straight, should be easy enough right!?!?  If you know me at all then directions are not my strong point so GPS is a favourite piece of technology.  Getting to Gimli and finding the Lutheran Church was easily done, finding the restaurant also easy (helps that they have numbers for street names) but the time after the restaurant was a bit of an adventure!

Highway 9 is not clearly marked and if you are not aware you can easily end up in a subdivision on the opposite side of town.  And just because a mailing address is in  a particular community does not meant that you do not have to trek down dirt roads in what seems like the back of beyond to find the elusive coffee bean!  Thank goodness for my trusty GPS of I might still be exploring some farmer's fields.  But success was mine and I managed to secure my favourite Mexican Bean for roasting!

Yes, the road is straight so the drive was mightily uneventful and the joke that we have in Newfoundland that you can sit on your porch here and watch the dog run away from home for three days holds a certain amount of truth.  It is flat or as one local corrected me today it is wide open space...yes that would be code for flat!  Good news however, the journey ended at a huge body of water, I was told it was the Prairie ocean, just smell the air....nope not doing it for me!  I am an Atlantic Canadian more specifically a Newfoundlander and when I smell water I smell the salt  of the North sorry but nothing in the smell for me.  The scenery, however, was beautiful, it is not the ocean but it is just lovely.

So enjoy my foray into exploring a little closer to "home"!

These are pretty self explanatory, it is a gallery on the sea wall

 You can see that they cover most of the area

 So here are a few which depict the local history and lore

 Pelicans are a common sight in the area

 This one depicts some local lore of the elves; they can apparently still be found here

                         The Gimli Glider                     

 Faces of the Interlake

 Some of the clergy at the meeting taking in the scenes

 Local scenery depicted

 Here it is!!!!! The Ocean...well Lake Winnipeg!
 A local man suggested that I take a picture of his mural, I assume he meant the blank piece of wall so I suggested that he could be the mural instead!!

 Boats at the Pier with a familiar sight of a coast guard vessel

 This is a huge monument, it celebrates the rich Icelandic History of the town

 Another view of the Ocean!!!!

The Deanery members gathered for lunch at the Seagull Restaurant!

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