Thursday, 5 May 2016

Enjoying Memories

For many years our holidays were road trips from Newfoundland to Ontario.  We spent time exploring the provinces of the maritimes, collecting interesting bits of art from unknown artists and seeing the many fabulous tourist stops and discovering many hidden treasures.  This week we are back in Ontario exploring bits of Toronto but spending more time on the Niagara region.  We have reconnected with friends and gone once again to see the spectacular falls of Niagara.

The Falls never lose their majestic beauty, the noise of the roar never ceases to impress and the beauty of the area is to be soaked in.  My first experience of the falls was when a post card arrived in the mail box from my aunt.  When you are growing up in a very small town in days that travel was not something that was done it seemed that the prospect of ever getting to see this in person would be an unlikely event.

It has been many years now since my very first visit to Niagara Falls and this visit is no less impressive or spectacular as I stood enjoying the beauty, listening to the roar of the water and watching the birds soar in and out of the mist that the falls created.  The sheer beauty of this piece of creation still amazes me.  As we looked in the gift shop for a postcard I was reminded of that long ago post card that arrived in the mail for a little girl, in an isolated village where the vision was merely a dream of someday.  Now, many, many years later, there have been several opportunities to enjoy the sheer majesty, to be soaked by the mist and simply enjoy the beauty of creation visiting this wonder of the world.


  1. What a wonderful post! I am catching up on my reading and particularly enjoyed this one. I, too, remember receiving post cards of far away places as a little girl. It's so nice that some of those pipe dreams come true!

  2. A bit scary how much alike we are!