Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Lazy Daze!!!!

I just realized that a significant amount of time has passed between writing, when I checked the date the last one was May 5.  The weeks have been busy with normal life events, for a priest anyway!  So after lots of running to and fro, this morning I planted myself in front of the computer in an attempt to write. My first thought was I should wait as tomorrow I have a road trip, there is a meeting in Gimli. Much to the dismay of many of the locals here in Manitoba we have not explored the area at all and NO we have not been to Gimli so tomorrow, thanks to a meeting I will be there for the first time. Next week is the clergy conference at Pinawa so a little more exploration and hopefully there will be a few planned events as we are staying put in Manitoba this summer.

One question that has been repeatedly asked in the last few days is how my summer is going to slow down work wise?  When do I expect to have less on my schedule?  I find this to be an odd question and my answer is that I don't.  Already planning has started for the Vacation Bible School and the Sunday School has been engaged to help with the decorating -- they love to help and making bugs on vines, spiders and perhaps a few snakes seems to be most enjoyable to them!  This year our theme is a rain-forest adventure and the hall will be transformed into a spectacular place thanks to the many volunteers and enthusiastic youth of the congregation. Then there are the regular services, Personal Care home services and home visits so I fail to see how things "slow down" in any real way with the exception of fewer meetings!

Summer is I suppose a traditionally slower time as school is out, vacations are in and people are travelling to various places and events.  So while I understand the sentiments of the question it is not one that I have a great grasp on and am perhaps a poor choice to ask the question of, that said I am looking forward to the eventuality of experiencing it!

So, I will put fresh batteries in my camera for pictures tomorrow, plan to visit the green coffee bean shop in Clandeboye, have a great meeting with colleagues and then home and off to the Care givers Support group.  So hopefully some good writing to come as well as a few pictures of the journey.  Really what could be better than a short road trip with scenic areas and a great coffee shop to visit and hopefully acquire green beans to bring home for a lovely fresh roast.


  1. Sounds like a great trip to me! Keep up posted on what green beans you get.

  2. Well there will definitely be Mexican. I still have some lovely Guatemalan beans on hand