Thursday, 25 August 2016

A Beautiful Memory

Memories are the timeless treasures of the heart . . .
Today has been a lovely day.  The weather has been warm (hot by Newfoundland standards)! My friend LC and I took the opportunity to visit a few stores in the Stephenville area, where I found a few treasures.

The coolest socks with the message "What Odds"  which is a Newfie expression!

Sea Glass earrings...I could not resist!  
Those who know me will know that I love, love love my earrings!

And then there was this gorgeous gift of earrings.  
The forget me not was my Dad's favourite flower so these are extra special.

Once finished at the gift stores it was off on an old familiar drive.  It was a drive that I did for eleven years.  It was a great day to drive over the hills, along the beach, enjoy the sea breeze, the smell of the salt air and the crashing of the ocean on the shores.  This is not something that you can ever get enough of so I was making the most the trip today.  So windows down and driving alone meant I could take full advantage.  

Memories were also a big part of the drive as the old familiar road was traveled and I could not resist a detour or two to enjoy the scenery, to visit a community and to see a few familiar faces.  The memories are sweet as this parish holds a very special place in my heart and I quite enjoyed the drive down memory lane.  Like many years ago I just dropped in on a few of the congregational members that are still in the community.  Some were not at home, some were about to leave, and some I had a short but lovely visit with.  It was like stepping back in time and picking up where we left off  eight years ago.  Sorry my sweet parish, my return is not possible for more than a visit!  (yes I was asked!)
A compliment to be sure and a walk down memory lane of the fun times that we had together.  The memories leave me with a smile, a little sadness for the many missing familiar faces, and great joy for the wonderful ministry and memories that we shared together.

So a few pictures of my sights and memories from today.  

As I crested Indian Head this was the view of the Bay ahead of me, 
still as breath taking as the first time I ever saw it

Shacks on the Beach

The Beach and view of the shoreline

Another view of the Beach 

All Saints, Stephenville Crossing one of the 
congregations that hold a special place

The "Gut" Bridge, where the trains crossed

A View of the other side of the Bay towards Mattis Point, 
the mountains loomed beautifully in the background today

Once I had finished with my detours and playing today I headed on down the road to my home town of Burgeo where family members patiently waited for me!!  Memories are a lovely thing, meant for taking out and revisiting but they are even better when you can revisit them with old friends in special places!

Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks. 
I know that I can not change the past . . .
All I can say,
It was beautiful and 
 I Miss you ...

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  1. beautiful pic. awesome fine on the forget me nots:)