Monday, 29 August 2016

...Until Next Time

Where we love is home -- home that our feet may leave but not our hearts.
Oliver Wendell  Holmes

A childhood friend wrote, as she was leaving Newfoundland to return to her home, that she had her sad eyes on!  This morning it is my turn to put my sad eyes on as I leave my beloved home province to head west again.  Although I think my sad eyes started yesterday when I had to say goodbye to family members.  

It is difficult to say the good byes with the hope that all will remain well for the next year and we can come together again.  No amount of time with the people we love is ever enough and inevitably it is necessary to return to everyday life and to say our farewells for a time.  My young friend AC is always enthusiastic to have a visit but has yet to ever say good bye, it is something that he likes to avoid. Good byes, whether temporary or more permanent, leave an incredible sadness and so like my friend today is a sad day, having to look out of the plane window as I depart this beautiful province will definitely mean that the sad eyes are prevalent and while there is no place like home life, work and commitments call.  

There are a few random pictures from my time here that up to now have not been shared so here they are for a glimpse

The Gallipoli rounding Boar Island from Ramea

 The Mountains, hills in Newfoundland that lined the highway

 And on the Opposite side is Deer Lake with a view of part of the Pasadena Beach

The Lake and Mountains

Beautiful skies and calm water on the Beach in Pasadena this evening

The sky is beautiful this evening looking out over Pasadena Beach

A Newfoundland Pony

A Newfoundland Icon -- A Father of Confederation and First Premier of the Province

And the view from the look out on the Community of Gambo

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