Friday, 26 August 2016

This is my Hometown

Today dawned as a grey foggy day.  It was not unfamiliar weather.  The southwest coast of the island of Newfoundland is frequently plagued with fog and drizzle and while this is uncomfortable to be in for a prolonged period of time it is a great day to take pictures.  My sister was my chauffeur today and we cruised around town taking pictures, stopping on the tops of hills, in the middle of roads all in the effort to get a good picture.

It was fun to spend the day snapping pictures, getting a little soggy and seeing some of the areas of town that I had not been in for quite some time.  This trip home to Newfoundland has been a walk down memory lane and the excuse has been pictures for the blog!  The camera forces you to take a closer look, ask should I share this and even how did I miss this?

So on this grey foggy day take a tour around my hometown, enjoy the sites of this little community of Burgeo
To begin this is the view as we walked down my sister's driveway, lots of islands off shore

This used to be the library when I grew up here, 
now however it is a museum and this is one of a number of murals that can be seen around town

The Church of my formative years, St. John the Evangelist.  
It sits atop a hill and overlooks the harbour

Faith United Church

Boats tied up to the wharf

A view of the Government Wharf, the coastal ferries dock here

Furbies Harbour, one of the in lets that is fairly sheltered

Islands just off the local wharf

The Lighthouse atop Boar Island, 
while it was foggy it was not enough to set the fog horn blaring

With out the zoom on you can see it is really quite a distance away

Small and Debbies Islands

Richard's Head is shrouded in fog

Another shot of the many islands that surround Burgeo

A trip to the local cemetery holds the reminder of the many disasters at sea
This monument commemorates the loss of a ship and the entire crew

No trip would be complete without at least a 
drive to the Sandbanks Provincial Park

While there are a few waves crashing it is not a heavy sea today

It is an unusual sight to see the beach deserted. 

 These grow wild and the season is nearly finished 

Another shot of the beautiful beach, yes I am enjoying the salt air

The rocky shores are prevalent everywhere on this coast

A calm day in the sheltered areas, note the reflection in the water

It is a rugged coast and houses crop up everywhere

This was too pretty to miss, the Messeurs area of town

The foot bridge in the distance

A wider angle!

Summer days they were warmer then
When we laughed with the old fishermen
And they cursed when the fog rolled in,
Then they made up the hay;
It's been more than a long, long time
Since I held you and called you mine,
On a grey foggy day.
(from Grey Foggy Day by Eddie Coffey)

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  1. While we were tired of the fog and the rain, we still grew up with the fondest memories of the place we still call home. Thank you for sharing your pictures, my friend. I look forward to another day when we can knit and talk again.