Saturday, 30 July 2016

A ship across the ocean

Ready for departure on the "WhiteCap"

Edmund was in charge for a bit to hold steady so the sails could be put up, he looks pretty happy to be in charge!

Yesterday was looked forward to with much excitement and expectation.  Our friend (a fellow Newfoundlander) has invested in a boat and offered to take us out for the day on the Prairie Ocean (a.k.a. Lake Winnipeg) and finally the day has arrived!  We headed out to Gimli to meet him and to spend the better part of the day on the water. So once the sails were up we were away and sailing across the lake

The day was beautiful, cloudless, and just enough wind to give it a good speed so that we were able to enjoy the time and learn how to hoist the sails, heave to and hold her steady.

We were not alone on the water, every now and then we saw another sailboat or other mariner. 

A little of the scenery along the shore line as we looked in at Gimli from the water.  A little wave but no white caps!

Looking in it all looks beautiful.

And once we were done for the day I held her steady for the sails to come down, and wind burned and sunburned we returned home to Winnipeg

The two amigos taking in the views from the water as we finish the cruise.  It was a lovely day well spent with a good friend.


  1. Lovely Pictures glad you enjoyed your day 1

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the day!!!