Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Day of Rest

I have been reminded several times in the last few days that we are on holiday, everyday does not need to have a full scale plan.  It does not have to be go, go, go.  So today was a day of rest.  We skipped the market, had a late breakfast and then late lunch and spent the day quietly reading, catching up on correspondence and racking my brain for a blog write up.

Late afternoon when things were opening again we went for a few groceries and a quick stop at my favourite Abbey Notre Dame de Bon-Secours, so far at least, in Bleauvac to find out the time of the service tomorrow.  No it was not posted on line!  I could feel the peacefulness as soon as I stepped out of the car.  So I am excited to be going back tomorrow to share in the worship.  Welcome was expressed for our attendance at the service and the lady joking told us we could arrive in time for the Vigiles service at 4:15 a.m..  A little early for our liking so we will stick with the 10:45 Mass.

While we were there I became the proud owner of a new pair of earrings!  That will shock those who know me well.  Edmund bought me a lovely pair of handmade earrings in the gift shop here today. Shooting stars with the crescent moon.

As we continue our holiday/educational leave it is a timely reminder that rest is as important as visiting all of the religious sites and spending time in contemplation and the presence of God.  In God we are called to rest and wait patiently (Psalm 37).

We finished off in a way that is quickly becoming the custom with a drink at a little pub in the nearby community of St. Didier.  This practice has become an interesting one - for more reasons than the beer.  The locals are very friendly and will chat, with gestures if necessary to explain what they are saying (because it has exceeded my french skills).  The bartender commented on the lack of clothing that a young girl was wearing and was quite clearly displeased with how she was presenting herself. She was also displeased with someone speeding up the little street where there are a lot of businesses and pedestrians.  For such a touted secular society there are some very clear indications of what people regard as right and wrong.  Bells ring on the hour and there are religious artifacts in the oddest of places and along some very obscure routes.  A day of rest with quiet and contemplation has been useful in reflecting on what we are doing here and a good reminder that we are called to take time out to rest.

The sleep of the labouring man is sweet!
When the trudge of the day is o'er
God measures to him the repose that's meet
To rank with the toil before.
The stars filter down from ethereal sheen, 
Through the shadowy watches of night, 
A shimmer of hopes that abide between
his margins of daily light.
The sleep of the labouring man is sweet!
When the brain of the tradesman wakes,
When the pulses of merriment throb and beat,
No stir in his slumber breaks;
The woof of his dream is the subtle blend
The whisper of wind, the voice of a friend,
And call of the night bird near;
of the sounds which he last gave ear
                                                                                                                     Robert Frost

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