Monday, 10 August 2015

The Leap

I have taken the leap!  This has come about with much encouragement from friends and parishioners who are not on Facebook so that they can follow my journeys.  Friends on facebook know that when we travel I post lots of pictures and try to give a good description of what is being looked at and where it is.  Since I find it annoying to see a beautiful picture without a description because then I have no idea where the picture is or who is in it then I figure I had better do a good description for those who follow the pictures.

The first trip to France about two years ago was well documented by picture on Facebook, I have a lovely diary in pictures.  It all happened by accident. My Mom said, as we were preparing to leave for France, please send a picture now and then.  So she was my inspiration to log on every evening and load up the days pictures with a description so that she would know what she was seeing.  It was apparently a huge success for any number of people who followed along, some left comments but a great many more just quietly watched and enjoyed the journey.

So now a new inspiration has hit via friends and parishioners who are not on facebook but would like to follow the journey that we are about to begin again.  I hope this will work out as well!  This new journey is a spiritual one and an educational event.  We are once again departing for France but this time there will be a big educational component.  I am setting off on the journey to explore what attracts so many pilgrims to places of faith in an attempt to better understand what one finds at these popular places that feeds the soul in a culture that is increasingly described as spiritual but not religious. This is of interest to me, considering that I am a priest, because I would like to know how the church can better respond in society and how we can enter into a deeper spiritual relationship with the people we encounter.  I have no idea what I will find or if I will find anything, but I am about to begin this daunting journey and hope that along the way I will not forget to see the beauty in all that surrounds me.

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