Friday, 14 August 2015

Le Cave

Today was not a hugely productive day in terms of site seeing .  We had a few things that we needed to get done first.  A stop at a preferred wine distribution (as seen above) was first on the list (locally referred to as Le Cave).  There was the necessary wine tasting that occurred and then like a local we bought a lovely table wine (only the 5 litre container).  Again there was a choice so we settled for the recommendation of the locals and went for the 2 Euro per litre variety (the most expensive here).  We can tell you that it was delicious!

It was quite something to see the grapes ripening on the vines, I will snap pictures on the next drive, And we could smell the fresh fruit in the air.


Our little Fiat 500 zoomed along on the narrow roads of France.  This was my first attempt at driving in France on the narrow roads.  I had to keep up with locals and there were times that I am sure I heard a sound or two from the passenger seat.  

After the wine pick up we were off and running to the grocery store for a few supplies.  We want to hit the market for a few other fresh delicacies tomorrow so the grocery stop was only bare essentials. All in all, after a good rest from the flight we are ready to get going and will hopefully head out for more site seeing tomorrow!

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