Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Time Keeper

A much cooler start to the day today but it did not stay that way for long.  I kept saying to Edmund let’s get going thanks to the early morning wake up, no not the rooster but a neighbourhood dog let out great loud barks at 6:30 am and so my day was ready to begin.  Edmund, however was more reluctant to get moving and then the reminders began.  Edmund its 9, it's 9:30 and finally in frustration he was told to get moving at 10:30.  Of course I could just take the car, plug in the GPS coordinates and go without him…..hmmmmm the possibilities!

I have noticed that the clock does not seem to have the same prominence here and that life seems a bit less of a race, perhaps it is those afternoon breaks.  I have also noticed that life in the small town is much the same as what I grew up with in Burgeo.  Vehicles stop in the middle of the road because the driver sees someone they know and need to speak to, or you drop our friend off to get the beer at the store and you wait just outside in the middle of the street if necessary. 

Today we went back to Avignon for a visit and what a difference the time of year makes!  Line ups to get into everything, streets with loads of vendors and people everywhere.  Parking was a nightmare and we roamed around Avignon back streets (Lost for the most part) for some time.  We finally settled into the train station parking lot and walked for the whole day (sure helps you get your 10,000 steps in).  Most of the pictures of Avignon were posted from 2 years ago and I saw little need to take more of the same thing.  Edmund took the camera when we arrived at Avignon as we visited Beaumes les Venice earlier and I snapped not one photo.  It was all starting to look alike and I did not see the need!  The market there this morning was great though small and not at all crowded…..sorry no picture available!

At this time of year in Avignon there is a city tour in a train like vehicle.  It is rather uncomfortable how they cram so many people in, so you had better like your neighbor!  It gives you an overview of things to see in the city like the Palais des Papes, the Pont d’Avignon, the walls of the city and several churches because of the time period that they were built, the frescoes and of course Mary overlooking the city.  Avignon was declared Mary’s city by one of the popes and as a result of this being a Marian city Mary’s face is imprinted in many of the Frescos.  We did discover that there were a number of inaccuracies in the tour information.  It frequently said things were on the left when they were on the right, and the Pont d’ Avignon was not built longer and destroyed.

Saint Pierre Church, one of the churches most adored by the locals, is located in the square that bears its name.

A watering hole we found two years ago has been renamed but the beer and food was still just as good

Edmund stuck with the tried tested and true Kilkenny and I tried a Grimmberger blond which was lovely and refreshing

it helped washed down the lunch of fish and chips but I could not resist trying the French Pizza which is very thin crust and interesting toppings,  Size wise it is big so half came home

the crowds of people

 restaurants and vendors

This was the room left between the building and the tour train that we were on, not much room even to stick a hand out to snap a picture.....unless you no longer need the hand!

A View of Avignon from the walking and park area near the Palais des Papes

Again a view of Avignon and one of the many steeples

 Fort Andre in Villeneuve Les Avignon, this is where is is supposed the king would reside to keep an eye on the Pope

Chateauneuf de Papes in the distance

 Avignon Dam

Pont d'Avignon --                               Sur le Pont d'Avignon
                                                             L'on y danse, l'on y danse
                                                             Sur le Pont d'Avignon
                                                             L'on y danse tous en rond

Some of the Frescoes

Buskers bring rap and hip hop to the Palais des Papes

Statue of Mary Overlooking the City

My favourite place to order from, no I did not go in after all they usually give free shipping so why pack it in my luggage -- leaves room for something else

At the end of the walking Edmund offered to buy me a beer and took the opportunity to send up a bit of smoke as he sucked back on a cigar.

And now to enjoy a cool one, Edmund  decided on Grimmberger Reserve and I have another new one Kriek Cherry.

On this journey we have learned to have a great deal of faith – yes the roads we were on today are really wide enough for 2 cars to pass (seems we are both doubters), if you get lost the GPS will re-route you (but you may not like the alternate route) however it will still connect to the path well traveled and lead you to the destination.

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