Sunday, 2 October 2016

Going to the Animals

Today was a different experience in church.  We did an experiment...sort of!  For the last few years we have celebrated St. Francis of Assisi but always after the main service of the day.  The hope was that people would return with their pets for the blessing of the animals.  It was at best sparsely attended and the pets few in numbers.  So this year we incorporated it into the morning service at St. Paul, West St. Paul, Manitoba and the result was much more satisfying.

We welcomed fur, fin and feathered friends at a service that was much enjoyed by all in attendance.  Surprisingly it was not at all noisy but there were a few excited young people who had brought along their  pet for a blessing.  They were quite eager to make introductions. Join the pet for the blessing and proudly receive their certificate.

So here are a few photos of the gathering and the friendly beasts that joined us for worship.

Some of the gathered congregation

Billy the Budgie

Smokey the cat, 
and a brave soul he was to come up the aisle with all the dogs about!

Lucy is a new addition and only about 11 weeks old

Sadie was super despite the warning that she might nip

Norman with all of his cuties that he takes care of

Gandalf and Copper felt right at home

And here we are doing the four fish who had to stay put in the aquarium

Bentley would have been uncomfortable in this setting but Billy took one for the team!

Bless, O Lord, this (these) creature(s),
and fill our hearts with thanksgiving for its (their)  being.