Saturday, 14 September 2019

Rough Seas

The sea, oh the sea, the wonderful sea
Long may she roam between nations and me;

And everyone here should go down on one knee,
Thank God we're surrounded by water.

(Dick Nolan, Thank God we’re surrounded by Water)

There is nothing quite like hurricane season!  After eight years away from the island I was home and got to experience the hurricane season.  The warnings were dire and everyone was preparing to the best of their ability but nature is unpredictable and one never knows if the looming storm will change directions, blow out, make landfall or a whole host of other possibilities. So with some trepidation we waited for Dorian to arrive.  

Well most waited and despite warnings of how much rain we might get, how much wind could be expected, road washouts that could definitely occur (and on and on the list of concerns were voiced) my friend CHT and I hit the road for a weekend in my hometown.  A warm welcome and a yummy dinner awaited us even as the wind picked up and the rain began.  It was a blustery night but not the worst we had experienced.  The winds gusted at 110 km, this little town is used to more.  Yes the house occasionally shook and there really is no way to describe the howling wind.  Nature was putting on a show it its full glory.  The following day the winds had dropped back (a mere 80km or so) and with only squalls of rain we headed out in the car.  No not to leave but to go to the beach and see the majesty (and terror) of the sea as it rolled and kicked up a storm.  The crashing waves were spectacular ( it was clearly not a day for a lot of walking) but honestly I do regret not taking that hike from earlier this summer, I am sure the pictures would have been worth a soaking.  

Suffice it to say my sister thought I was a bit crazy and that maybe, just maybe, I had been gone to the mainland for too long.  For me there was the beauty of the waves, the roar of the sea and for the local people relief that it had not been a whole lot worst.  However, my friend CHT braved the elements with me and yes we got the requisite selfie!

Nature in all its beauty is glorious and terrifying and while the hurricane caused so much damage, destruction and death it’s ending was to show not merely the power of nature but the beauty that one can find at the end of the storm.  Enjoy the pictures of the ending of Tropical Storm Dorian.

 The sea crashes with a mighty roar in the beach

There is nothing quite so spectacular as the
waves crashing against the rocks

Here we are getting the selfie
 with a fabulous background

 A look from the top of the hill
You can appreciate how angry the sea is

A view from around town 
No ships sailing today

Life is like the ocean.  It can be calm and still, and rough or rigid, but in the end it is always Beautiful.  (Author Unknown)