Monday, 9 January 2017

Distance is no Barrier

My DH and I have been enjoying the Christmas season at home in Newfoundland this year.  We have celebrated with old friends, renewed relationships and made travel plans with others.  We have visited family, shared meals and enjoyed being with and seeing so many wonderful people.  As our time here draws to a close I was asked by my young friend AC and his younger brother if I would be willing to watch a movie of AC's choice.  Having no clue whatsoever  about the movie Earth to Echo, but with an open mind and the assurance that it was not a sad movie we watched it together.

It is a beautiful movie and filled with lots of wonderful scenes.  It is a story of friendship that is built and grows despite the obvious differences that exist not only between the young people but the robot (or alien) that they undertake  to help. It is friends who help each other out of difficult times, never leave each other behind, search for each other in the face of adversity and fear.  It is about trust.  It was an awesome recommendation that I thoroughly enjoyed with my young friend and it taught beautiful messages through out.

The messages throughout the movie were significant for me as we left behind so many family, friends and relationships when we moved halfway across this vast country but my friend AC in his wisdom left me with an all important message from this movie that we watched together...he taught me that distance is no barrier between true friends.

Having a friend light years away taught us that distance is just a state of mind. If you're best friends you always will be no matter where you are in the universe.
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