Monday, 6 May 2019

Be the Reason

Today I listened to a man recount an experience that he had a few years ago.  He tells that it was at the airport, near the holidays.  He had been expecting long line ups so he had gone early to allow lots of extra time.  But much to his surprise it wasn't busy and that meant he had time for coffee.  The server entered into a conversation with him while taking his order and making his coffee. She smiled, laughed and they had a thoroughly pleasant conversation.  He was walking away to go to his gate when he stopped, turned around and returned to the counter.  He could not leave without asking her how so close to the holidays she could be so pleasant.  How she could smile, laugh and be with people in such a way when surely she would much rather be else where.  Her response was remarkable; she said she wasn't serving coffee she was pouring happiness in people's lives one cup of coffee at a time.  He finishes by saying "I'll never forget that cup of coffee."

After listening to this story I could not help but be impressed by the attitude of the young server.  This person chose to be happy but more than that she chose to share that happiness with others that she encountered across a coffee counter. In a world that rushes along, largely ignoring others, when we encounter such pleasantness we are often surprised.  Sadly too we are often doubtful about the sincerity.  I'm sure that there are even a few who scoff and say that a person can not be that pleasant or happy.  And yet, when we are fortunate enough to have that chance encounter it leaves us feeling a little better about the world, it makes us smile just a bit more largely and it definitely leaves a lasting impression with us.

Like the young lady in the story we all have choices.  We can choose to lament what we could, should or might be doing or we can enjoy the place and the moment we are in right now and enrich not only our own life but perhaps in the process even touch the life of another and leave a lasting, positive experience.  So as the quote says, in a world where you can be anything be kind!
In a world where so many face challenges and difficulties...
In a world which challenges us daily and sets us back,
In a world that causes us to keep our guard up,
In a world that  makes us put barriers in place to protect ourselves remember to always be kind.  And more than this help pour kindness and happiness to make our world a gentler, better place.  In so doing we change not only others but ourselves in the process.