Tuesday, 8 October 2019


When we see a sign that says reserved, we generally respect it.  We go out of our way to find another place to sit or park or whatever the circumstances entail.  Bottom line is we look for another alternative.  Why?  Well because we respect that someone else has booked ahead, paid for a spot or have taken the time to plan for the occasion and made sure that the space is available.  We do this for a physical, tangible thing.  Now, let me ask you, what about your quiet time?  Do you reserve it?  Mark it as unavailable for this period?  Do you respect it?  Do you make sure that others respect it?

Peace of mind is no laughing matter.  Statistics say that anxiety is on the rise in all age groups and will be the leading chronic disease in a few short years. With this in mind the idea of having a reservation for oneself to sit quietly, in a space that is both peaceful and fills you with peace would seem to an important investment.  Why is it so hard to invest in ourselves?  In the great adventure of life, we invest in a variety of things but when it comes to our own health, particularly mental health we are more concerned with how it might look if an hour or more a day is marked reserved.  Reserved for quiet, contemplation, peace.  Reserved to just be!

Yesterday, Laurence Freeman talked on no parking.  He took the talk down the road of following Jesus.  But his talk took me on a slightly different path.  Not merely no parking but reserved.  Reserved for a period of time each day for quiet, for peace so that the spirit as well as the physical and mental aspect of the body have time to recharge, refocus and renew.  Reserved not because we have nothing to do, not because we are lazy, not because we are slacking off but because it is essential to our whole being.  But as essential as it is, it is all too frequently the time we give up the quickest because life is busy and we will always be able to fit that hour in sometime later.  Later rarely comes. What does arrive is an overwhelming sense of too much to do and too little time to do it.  The reality is that hour will make little difference in the big scheme of things but in the here and now of our well being it changes everything for us.  Peace, calm, quiet and investment in the self by and large means we are more productive in the long run.  So, I encourage you to invest.  Invest in yourself and your whole being.  Find a space in your day that is just for you and sit quietly.  Listen to the waves, listen to the birds singing, watch animals at play and let the peace wash over you and come away from your reservation completely renewed.  What are you waiting for?  Make your reservation and most importantly honour it!