Friday, 19 February 2021

What Brings You Joy?

Sometimes the strangest thoughts pop in my mind while I am outside walking with my golden retriever.  Unlike my last golden this guy likes to be out and about for a walk.  We meander along various streets and side streets so that it does not become mundane -- for either of us.

Different times of day highlight different things to see and enjoy.  Early morning, these days, the night sky is shifting to gentle dawn as we walk really early.  Bunnies are often out looking for breakfast.  There is the odd coyote that runs away, thankfully!  Midday brings its own enjoyments and sights.  The ornaments that continue to dangle from trees and my golden thinking he can climb the snowbank and grab one of those tempting dangling glittering treats, but so far he remains unsuccessful.  The evening brings shadows and the beginning of sunsets.  All of which adds to the joy of the walk that we are on.

Today the temperature was slightly warmer minus 12 (minus 16 with the windchill) made for a gorgeous day to take three walks.  It was so much better than the 40+below of the last two weeks.  Sure it was practically balmy --slight exaggeration here!

There is a joy to be had in the outdoors, fresh air, sunshine, and a golden romping along with a stick bouncing in snowbanks definitely brings a smile.  How can I not enjoy this time and the joy that can be experienced in such simple little things.  Given the year that we have had with the pandemic and the limitations that we all have to endure finding these moments are more important than ever.  It is not always easy but it is intentional.  Sometimes in order to find joy, I do have to look for it as it is not always obvious.  

Occasionally there are other small joys to be found as well.  Greeting a neighbour, bunny watching with my curious golden and today an ice sculpture of sorts made from, I assume, balloons and food colouring.  Yes indeed, it is a good day!  A good day to enjoy life, sunshine, puppies, bunnies and walks in the crisp cool outdoors.  

So enjoy something you love, find what brings you joy and indulge in the feelings that it unleashes in you.  Find your joy and then quite simply enjoy it.

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